The Official Tribe Athletics Fan Club

Sixth Man Program: How to Earn Free Tribe Prizes!

Every year, students can get free Tribe gear, just for attending Men’s and Women’s home basketball games! Sound good? Here’s how it works.

Each home game is assigned either one or two Sixth Man points. When you attend the game, the Athletic Department will take down your Student I.D. number and award you the set number of points. When you reach certain milestones, you will be given the associated prize!

This year, the prizes are as follows:

7 Points – Tribe Basketball T-shirt
14 Points – Tribe Retro Headband
22 Points: Griffin Bobblehead
29 Points: Authentic Tribe Basketball Jersey!

You get two additional points for being a Tribal Fever member, which is yet another reason to join our Club. There are a total of 40 points available this season, so head out to Tribe basketball games and get your free gear!