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Maine Cheer Sheet

Maine Cheer Sheet

the tribal fever – maine state cheer sheet

Maine vs. W&M Tribe 10/27/12 – Homecoming!

Maine Scouting Report: Zable Stadium welcomes the boys from Vacationland (because who wouldn’t want to vacation in a state where the beaches are actually just giant rocks?) today as the Black Bears are this year’s Homecoming victims. Maine has not played in Williamsburg since 2006 so, unless you made the 15 hour trip to Orono (which you didn’t), many fans will be watching Maine for the first time.

A Lesson in Taxonomy: Maine fans only come in two varieties: If they are about 6’8”, have wood shavings in their beard, and look like they were up all night working at the sawmill, it’s because they were. They are technically known as sawyers. Or if they are wearing rubber galoshes and blasting Downeaster Alexa on their stereo with a bumper sticker that says “my other car is a boat”, you’ve got yourself a lobsterman. The unifying trait between the two? Plaid flannel, and lots of it.

Redrum, Redrum: Maine takes great pride in boasting Stephen King as an alumnus. However, Coach Jack Cosgrove thought changing the postgame Gatorade bath to pig’s blood was overkill.

Important Cheers:

1st Down: Yell “Tribe” in conjunction with the band.

G-O Cheer: G-O, G-O-T, G-O-T-R-I-B-E, Go (clap, clap), Tribe (clap, clap)

Tribe Fight Song: We will fight fight fight for the Indians/ When the big green team appears/ We will yell like hell for the Indians/ And they will heed our mighty cheers/ We will lead our team on to victory/ And shout for the Indians bold/ We’ll have a touchdown touchdown Indians/ And raise the green and gold

Alma Mater: Hark the students’ voices swelling, strong and true and clear! Alma Mater’s love their telling, ringing far and near! William and Mary, loved of old. Hark upon the gale. Hear the thunder of our chorus, Alma Mater hail!

Fever Rules: Keep it classy: Cursing is frowned upon. We can keep it clean, but give them hell. Bonus points if you include words that Maryland fans can’t spell. (That shouldn’t be too hard…)


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