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Fresh Meat with Pam and Anne- Campbell Collier and Zoe Boger

Fresh Meat with Pam and Anne- Campbell Collier and Zoe Boger

On March 18 2013, we got to interview two awesome Tribe Lacrosse Freshmen: Campbell Collier and Zoe Boger! Campbell is from Fairfax Station, VA, she plays Attack for the Tribe and she is undecided on her major. Zoe is from Atlanta,GA, she also plays Attack for the Tribe and she is thinking about going Pre-med.

Pam and Anne: How did you guys get started with lacrosse, and how many years have you been playing.

Campbell: I’ve been playing since third grade. I started playing because my mom played at UVA, my uncle played at UVA, my cousin played at UNC. It’s our family sport, I was kinda bred into it.

Zoe: I started playing in third grade too. Lacrosse was definitely not big in Georgia back then. My dad played at Duke and loved it. He started a program a Georgia, so I played through that.


Pam and Anne: What has been your biggest accomplishment? It can be with lacrosse, school, and life.

Zoe: For me, we made it to the state championship, in high school. Getting recruited was a pretty awesome thing too!

Campbell: My choir in high school went to the choir Olympics last summer.

Pam and Anne: How did you guys do?

Campbell: We got silver.


Pam and Anne: Did you guys play any other sports in high school?

Campbell: I played field hockey and was on swim team.

Zoe: I played basketball and volleyball.



Pam and Anne: Do you have a saying or a motto you live by?

Campbell: It is a line from a poem that’s been passed through my family. “She started to sing as she tackled the thing that couldn’t be done and she did it” It’s very motivational and means a lot to me.

Zoe: Mine is really cheesy but I always

say it. “A smile is a little curve that straightens everything out”


Pam and Anne: Where do you draw your inspiration?

Campbell:  Definitely my mom and dad.

Zoe: My parents for sure.

Pam and Anne: This is a fun question: If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would you want to play the lead role?


Campbell: Kristen Wiig.

Pam and Anne: Cool, any particular reason why?

Campbell: Well, we both don’t have chins, and my favorite show is SNL

Pam and Anne:  That’s an original one!

Zoe: I would want Zoe Deschanel to play me, but not because we have the same name. I just think she super quirky and funny and would like to think I’m that way.
Pam and Anne: Coke or Pepsi

Campbell: Pepsi!

Zoe: Coke!


Pam and Anne: What is your favorite tv show? Or shows?

Campbell: Saturday Night Live and Friday Night Lights.

Zoe: Greys Anatomy and New Girl

Pam and Anne: If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Campbell: Flying! Who wouldn’t want to fly?

Zoe: I’d want to fly too.

Pam and Anne: Who is your favorite athlete?/ Who do you look up too?

Campbell: My favorite athlete is my cousin Megan Kelly. She played lacrosse at UNC Chapel Hill; she’s the reason I wanted to play lacrosse.

Zoe: My favorite athlete is a lacrosse player that just graduated from Maryland, Kari Ellen Johnson.

Pam and Anne: What do you both do in your free time?

Campbell: Sleep!

Zoe: Yeah, sleep!


Pam and Anne: Random Fact

Zoe:  I have a freckle on my eye.

Campbell: I was stranded on an Island once.

Pam and Anne: How did that happen?

Campbell: I was in Puerto Rico with my family and there was a mile long strip of random land, so me and cousins kayaked over, but then when we were on the Island there was a big storm so we couldn’t get back. I can do the cup dance from Pitch Perfect.


Pam and Anne: What’s the weirdest song on your iPod? It can also be the most embarrassing song on your iPod

Campbell: Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wives!

Zoe: Say You’re Just a Friend! I listen to it way too much! I also have the song September by Earth Wind and Fire.


Pam and Anne: What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Campbell: You know the soda streams, where you fill up a bottle with regular water and you carbonate it?  Well, you’re not supposed to put the mix in with the water when you carbonate but I did, and it exploded all over our kitchen.


Pam and Anne: What are three things you can’t live without?

Campbell: My phone, my dogs, and my car

Zoe: My family, my car, and food!

Pam and Anne: What Kind of car do you have?

Zoe: It’s a 1984 Volvo Station Wagon! It’s very cool!


Pam and Anne: How do you set your goals?

Campbell: I set deadlines and I celebrate the little things.

Zoe: I set a big overlapping goal, and I set benchmarks.


Pam and Anne: What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Campbell: The people who minds don’t matter, and the people who matter don’t mind.

Zoe: You never know how good you are unless you try.


Pam and Anne: How do you guys prepare for game day? How do you pump yourself up?

Campbell: There’s this one girl in our locker room, Katherine Shepherd. She plays music and gets us all pumped up; I just feed my energy off of her.

Zoe: I love to listen to music.

Pam and Anne: Is there a certain song you guys listen to as a team?

Zoe: Thrift shop

Pam and Anne: What is your biggest pet peeve

Campbell: I hate sloths, they scare me!

Zoe: Mine would probably be clicking pens.


Pam and Anne: Favorite Movie?

Zoe: She’s the Man

Campbell: It’s a tie between the School of rock and When Harry Met Sally


Come out to the MAD House this Saturday, March 23 @ 1pm to cheer on Campbell, Zoe and the rest of the women’s lacrosse team as they take on the Richmond Spiders.

Other upcoming games:
Friday, April 5 @ 7pm
Sunday, April 7 @ 1pm
Friday, April 19 @ 4pm

We’d like to thank  Zoe and Campbell for taking the time out to talk to us with us!


Here are some of the game day posters for Saturday:

Zoe Boger Campbell Collier
















photo credit: Tribe Athletics


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