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FreshMeat with Pam and Anne: Carolyn Cunniffe and McCall Ledgett

We recently had the opportunity to interview McCall Ledgett and Carolyn Cunniffe, two freshmen on the Women’s Cross Country team. McCall Ledgett is a distance runner from Carlisle, PA and is planning on majoring in Kinesiology. Carolyn Cunniffe is also a distance runner from Chesapeake, VA and is planning on majoring in International Relations. As usual we had McCall and Carolyn pick out random questions from a hat for them to answer!


The first question that the girls picked was :


Who is your favorite athlete that you look up to?

McCall : I just really love Alison Felix, I always have she is so cool. I also really like Bethany Hamilton!

Carolyn: Wow this is hard!  I would say Cara Gapture, she’s a marathon runner.


Carolyn picked the next question :


Walk us through you game day prep?

C: It really starts a couple days before, but the night before we eat a lot of pasta and then the day of I eat a light breakfast and sit with the team and start to get in the zone and think about what we have to do.

M: Well running is weird, because it starts days and days before. You start sleeping more and  eating the right way. The night before like Carolyn said we have lots of pasta, my favorite is Manicotti!  This is weird but right before I race I listen to the The Last of Mohicans soundtrack because it’s really empowering!

Pam and Anne: Do you guys have a pump up song or anything ?

C: I would say anything Beyonce

M:  Oh yea we LOVE Beyonce!

C: and Royals and Wake me up by Avicii


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

M: Oh my gosh dance moves!

C: I would have to go with stopping time, that would be really cool!

M: But with dancing you have the ninja moves and everyone would just be really awesome all the time !
What are 3 things you could not live without ?


M: My sister, my heart both theoretically and physically, and food. Oh my gosh I love all kinds of food!

PA: What’s you favorite kind of food?

M: Bacon cheeseburgers!

C: I would also say my sisters. A water bottle because I feel like I carry one around all the time. And… showers!
Chad Ochocinco changed his name a few years back, if you could change your name what would it be?

M: Pocahontas, is that even a question !

C: Well I can’t compete with Pocahontas… what am I supposed to say

M: Pick Beyonce!


What’s your favorite TV show:

C:  Mine would be Pretty Little Liars

M: Umm I don’t really watch TV but Pitch Perfect is my favorite movie!


What is the most trouble you have ever been in ?

M: Considering that I was a devil child! I guess it was just with my parents when I was a little kid I was terrible!

C: When I was younger I told my sister, that her boyfriend said that he was going to propose to her and I had totally made it up! I was so mean and I got in so much trouble with my mom.


What do you do on your free time:

M:I’m a really adventurous person,  I really like hiking and climbing mountains it’s my ultimate hobby.

C:I tried to be crafty, but I’m not so it never really works out. I buy things on pinterest, but they don’t turn out right


Do you have any saying or mottos that you live by ?

M: One I really like is “To give anything less than the best is to sacrifice a gift” by Steve Prefontain and that kind of encompasses all the things I do in life.

C: Mine is “Keep you head up, keep your heart strong”  Shalane Flannagan and that is just helpful if something doesn’t go your way it just reminds you that everyone has problems.


What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

M: My mom always says: “no matter what…”. That’s the biggest phrase she’s ever given to me so no matter what the circumstances just do it!

C: I guess it would be my dad’s advice to run cross country. My dad would have to drag me to practice but now here I am and I’m really glad he was so persistent.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

M: I think people who have faced a lot of adversity, especially runners. I think  my teammates mostly like Elena and other girls on our team who are working really hard. They are people who you can really be inspired from and draw attainable goals from.

C: I’d say in highschool I was really inspired by college runners but now that I am here, its the team I’m on.
Biggest accomplishment:

M: I was Valedictorian of my high school class and getting into this school and running Division 1 for this school !

C: I won scholar athlete in high school which was the best of both worlds.
How do you set your goals

M: I think it’s important to set goals that are reachable so I set big goals but focus on day to day goals and that way I can focus.

C: I would say exactly what she said, but remind yourself everyday of your long term goal and that every little thing you do builds up to this long term goal.

Thanks again to McCall and Carolyn for taking the time to interview with us and we hope that you had a successful season! Make sure to support our cross country team next year and come out to one of their home events!



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