The Official Tribe Athletics Fan Club


Hey William and Mary students!

Show your Tribe Pride and get an all-access pass to Tribe Athletics by becoming an official member of the Tribal Fever for only $15. Benefit include:

  • A free Tribal Fever t-shirt! Start your 4-year collection now!
  • The best seats at big sporting events
  • Tailgates before EVERY home football game
  • Membership card, which gets you discounts at local businesses
  • Inclusion on the Tribal Fever mailing list, which grants you access to exclusive contests and promotions
  • Access to bus trips and viewing parties for televised away games
  • Heavily subsidized tickets to ANY away game that is not sold out! $10 or less to any Tribe game.

We now offer four levels of membership:

  • One-year: A single year of Tribal Fever membership costs $15
  • The Griffin Discount: A two-year membership for just $25
  • The Green Machine: A three-year membership for $40, exclusively for the class of 2016
  • Freshmen Gold: Are you an excited Freshman full of tribe pride?! Then get the four-year “Gold” membership for just $50

Students and silver club members, join today by following the appropriate links below.




Student Checkout- 1yr Membership

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Student Checkout- 2 yr Membership

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Student Checkout- 3 yr Membership

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Student Checkout- 4 yr Membership

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Please note that the Official Tribal Fever membership is for STUDENTS ONLY. For alumni, parents, or simply friends of the Tribe Athletics, we would love to get to know you better, and invite you to join our Silver Club for $25. Join today and Catch the Fever!




Silver Club Membership Checkout

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Thanks for your support and hope to see you all at Tribe Athletic events!

If you have any questions about Tribal Fever Membership contact us at